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Any registed user, who presents a work, which is genuine and appealing, can post it on PrepBootstrap.

We guarantee to respond to all applications within 24 hours, with approved funds available in as few as five working days.

Easy, just contact us on 1300 766 075 or email owntomorrow@primecapital.com.au and your application will be under way. If you have a little more time, use our online application process.

There are no checklists or call centres, just trained professionals ready to get you funded and back to business.

Any property in Australia, including residential, commercial, industrial, office and retail, as well as specialty properties such as petrol stations, medical facilities, aged care facilities and hotels.

Up to 75% of your property’s value.

Yes. Prime Capital can provide facilities for almost any purpose, and we pride ourselves on working to meet each client’s unique needs. We look for ways to say ‘yes’ to every application, so you can Own Tomorrow.

You are talking to Australia’s fastest growing non-bank lender. Established in 1997 and funded using the ASX Austraclear system, we’ve settled more than $1 billion in facilities for businesses around Australia. More information about Prime Capital is available here.

Prime Capital’s head office is in Sydney but we have operations throughout Australia ready to assist you.

Yes, we do not have any postcode restrictions, and will provide funding based on property security anywhere in Australia.

Australian banks are really great, but they specialise in the generic, love a good checklist, and operate in a special time zone called ‘bank time’. Prime Capital is different. As the smaller guys, we must be faster and more flexible. We are funded from institutional bonds not deposits in savings accounts, so we aren’t constrained by the same regulations. We look at each loan application completely differently to the banks and specialise in finding ways to say ‘yes’ so you can get back to business and Own Tomorrow.

The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) is an important piece of Australian law that governs the collection, storage, use, disclosure and security of personal information. We are very serious about protecting your privacy, and we comply with every requirement of the Act. In addition, we do not share your information with any credit rating agency, so applying for a loan with us will not affect your credit rating.

We engage a range of nationally accredited valuation firms to independently value every security property.

Yes, a caveat loan can be organised if there is a very urgent need for finance.

We provide loans around Australia, but don’t pretend to have all the answers about every street in every city in every state. We rely on valuers across the country, and they can get it wrong. If you believe the valuation for your property isn’t right, you can follow this link. We will investigate and get straight back to you.